Green Coffee Bean Extract – Another Overhyped Supplement?

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By Adam Jaurigue
Drinking coffee has been part of many people’s lives especially in the morning when a quick caffeine fix is needed. But are you aware that there is a specific type of coffee that can also help you shed the pounds? Enter green coffee bean extract – it’s just the same coffee beans, except this one didn’t undergo the roasting process. Its popularity is hugely credited to it being featured in the Dr. Oz show.

The key to the fat-busting capabilities of green coffee bean extract lies with the substance known as chlorogenic acid. The roasting process is important in reducing the bitterness of coffee beans, but the amount of chlorogenic acid is being sacrificed because of it. Several tests have been conducted on this type of coffee extract and the results proved to be very satisfactory in weight reduction.

You will be able to find many weight-loss supplements in the market today that have been made with green coffee bean extract. With the help of chlorogenic acid, the absorption of glucose into bloodstream is slowed down and this causes fat absorption to be minimized. Before you purchase a supplement, make sure that you see either GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol listed in the label.

The study conducted by Dr. Oz on green coffee extract made use of people who took supplements containing at least 45% chlorogenic acid. It is not known whether the efficacy would be the same if something below 45% is to be used. Dosage can be anywhere from 200mg to 800mg. As for the Dr. Oz study, a dosage of 400mg was used and it was taken for a total of 3 times a day.

Before making a purchasing decision with green coffee extract supplements, the ingredients list should be adequately reviewed. Be doubtful of those that do not provide an ingredients list. You should not find any type of artificial stuff or fillers too. If by any chance you notice any ingredient that sound too complex, you can always drop an email or call the manufacturer for clarifications.

To be sure you’re buying quality products, make it a point to buy only from reputable manufacturers. It would be ideal to go with manufacturers who are really in the business of supplements and that they have earned a good name from the quality of their products. Make sure that you take note of factors such as customer reviews, price, and features before you purchase a supplement.

When used properly, supplements made from green coffee bean extract are generally safe and do not cause any negative side effects. But just like any other product, using it beyond the intended dosage may be detrimental to your health, especially if you are allergic to caffeine. Also, keep in mind that weight-loss supplements such as this are not recommended for pregnant women.

As a final word, before you proceed with purchasing supplements made from green coffee bean extract, you should still aim to have a healthy lifestyle. This means that you should still not ignore having a balanced diet and adequate exercise. Of course you might lose weight without those, but the best way to lose weight and keep it off is if you eat quality food and burn those extra calories.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Another Overhyped Supplement?

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