Liquid Diet Recipe Review

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By Susan Field
The liquid diet plan is a new structured meal replacement diet from the team at ‘the liquid diet plan’ in the United Kingdom.

Have you tried a meal replacement programme that left you hungry and frustrated? Then try this brand new innovation, it’s initially free to try and if you find it works the paid options are really good value too.

How does this diet work?

I have done a standard old fashioned meal replacement diet before and they are not very satisfying and the results don’t last.

Some big brand diets sell a product in a sachet that you mix with water or milk. Others will give you ingredients and recipes.

In slimming meal replacement diets all of your daily calorie allowance is provided by the packet of powder mixed with milk or water. There is something inherently unsatisfying in this.

They would normally work by enforcing calorie restriction. You would consume significantly fewer calories each day than you expend.

Have you been failed by packet meal replacement diets? I know I have and have been hungry in the process. I always feel cheated by packet diets as essentially there is no real secret to them. I always regain any lost water weight after a sachet slimming diet.

Most experts now agree that quick fix starvation dieting is not only ineffective and expensive, but can also be detrimental to health too.

How can I benefit from a real and effective liquid diet?

This new liquid diet plan is refreshingly different.

Point one, No starvation is required for this plan to really benefit you.

Instead the liquid diet plan feeds your hunger with high quality nutrition.

Time for the science geek girl to shine, this approach to weight loss is founded on the way we perceive hunger. The good news is that most of that dreadful craving for pizza is in fact just misdirected desire for nutrients.

In effect what I mean is that it’s possible and likely that you have been over eating poor quality calories. Trouble is that if those calories were from poor quality sources your hunger signals won’t stop asking for what is missing from your diet.

To illustrate this problem better, let us imagine hunger is like a shopping list and we need to check off all the correct boxes in order to make a recipe right? Well hunger is like that recipe too. Hunger needs to be fully satisfied in order to work right. We need calories but also require complex vitamins and minerals make us complete.

Simply put, if you eat a well designed balance of nutritious foods then you will not feel hungry.

What is really good about knowing this is that we are now able to meet our nutritional needs first and calories second.

Quality over quantity

The clever design of the liquid diet plan uses this knowledge to crate optimum recipes for the replacement diet.

In conclusion

Forget that old approach that has failed you and choose a sustainable high-quality ‘real food’ dietary system that will work for ordinary men and women.

Try these high-quality satiating liquid diet recipes you can make at home for free.

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Liquid Diet Recipe Review

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