Basics Of Zumba Holland Mi

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By Grace Rivas
When one thinks of Zumba holland mi, he would immediately think of a fast paced Latin dance inspired workout. He would be right about that because this type of dance form was brought to the United States of America by two Colombians with one being a dance instructor and the other being a businessman. What makes this different from other dance forms is that the moves are of course, Latin inspired with a lot of other simple moves added in this twist.

Now if one is interested in this type of thing, then it is best that he would try to find an instructor and get formal lessons. Now before he enters the dance studio, it will always be better to know some of the basic moves so that they will be able to prepare himself. So for those people out there who are interested, then just note some of these basic moves.

Now the very first step that one will be taught would actually be the salsa move. So for those who do not know this move, all there is to do would be to stand feet together with hands on the sides. From that position, use one leg to step to one side which would be followed by the other leg.

Since the second step has a bit more movements from both the hands and legs, this will be a little more difficult than the previous one. Basically, one has to first bend his knees and prop his hands to the sides so his elbows are bent. From there, keep on shaking the arms, put one leg forward, and then use that leg to make a full turn.

The next move will be able to make one feel like he is really dancing as there would be some added beats to the movements. To do this, one has to start from a standing position then he has to use one foot to tap the floor. After that, all he has to do is to simply raise the other leg and tap the floor again the same way the first leg did it.

The last of the basic steps would be the one wherein one would be rotating his hips. Now in order to do this, stand with the feet apart and the knees slightly bent. From there, start rotating the hips and slowly bend further the knees while still rotating in order to go down then straighten the knees again while still rotating the hips in order to bring the body up.

Now when one would mix all of these moves together in a whole exercise routine, then he will have one tiring exercise session. Since this is a dance, he may want to add a bit more hand movements to spice it up a little bit. He may even add some more body movements which the instructor will be teaching in the course.

So as one can see, Zumba holland mi is a very interesting dance form to learn. The exercises are actually quite simple yet they are able to provide the dancer with a rigorous workout. It takes the entire movement of the body and a lot of stretching in order to perform.

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Basics Of Zumba Holland Mi

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