4 Quick Tips to Gain Muscle Fast

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Building muscle is the main goal that gets guys into the gym. Here are 4 quick tips you can use to gain muscle at a faster rate and get ready for summer!

1. Never skip a Post Training shake

We see too many people delay their protein shake after training. Taking 25 grams of protein immediately after training has been shown to increase protein synthesis drastically, so take it as soon as possible after training to maximise the muscle building effect. Whey protein is generally the best option as it has a very fast absorption rate and high insulin response. Another thing you can do to make this even more effective is to add carbohydrates to your drink. Generally a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein ratio is good for a lean guy to gain muscle.

2. Take advantage of high frequency training

A lot of trainee’s split their training into bodypart splits. This method, although useful for advanced bodybuilders is not ideal for normal trainee’s. Take advantage of high frequency training by going to a full body split and don’t be afraid of training more than one day in a row. Get to the gym and increase your volume to increase muscle growth. Think about athletes who build extreme amounts of muscle with lots of training e.g gymnasts. They train the same bodypart every day with great results.

3. Branched Chain Amino Acids build muscle

Taking Branched Chain Amino Acids before and after training can increase protein synthesis and slow protein degradation after resistance training. Taking 10 grams before, 10 grams during and then consuming your protein and carbohydrate based drink for the best results. Some people have recommended taking up to 40 grams over a course of a workout. This is not recommended as you get no more benefit and there is also depletion of other nutrients.

4. Take advantage of explosive training to activate fast twitch muscles

Your fast twitch muscles are the ones that have the most potential for gains in both size and strength. To activate these fibers, explosive training is a great way to do this. Start your workout with some box jumps and clap push ups to activate your fast twitch muscles. After doing this you may find you can lift more during the workout.

So to some up this approach to getting bigger comes down to making sure you supplement smartly around your workouts, train full body and often and make sure you take advantage of using explosive lifting in each workout.
Take advantage of these tips, get bigger and get ready for summer!

By: Paul Meldrum

4 Quick Tips to Gain Muscle Fast

via The Best Weight Loss http://besttips2.blogspot.com/2014/01/4-quick-tips-to-gain-muscle-fast.html


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