How To Burn Body Fat – Major Breakthrough

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Women of the world are often times looking to lose at least 10 pounds. It’s heard around the world, through media, radio, on social media, and it is something that the health industry preys on. They create new fad diets, crash courses, and downright unhealthy options for many women to jump into. The results are not a good long term solution for most, in fact, many end up falling short of their goals and gain more weight than they lost initially. The reason why it’s so dramatically up and down is simple, crash dieting, and working out is usually derived from trainers and experts that are targeting men. That’s right, they may tell you that certain elements are designed for women, but they aren’t true. They usually take what works for men and then tell women to do the same. The simple truth is this, you should never diet like a man, it won’t work in the long term. If you remember nothing else about the Venus Factor, remember that statement and keep that on your mind always. 

Spiking Metabolic Rate Becomes Crucial 
The number one thing that women do not remember about their bodies is that they have a metabolic rate. This is often times forgotten in favor of other things, because the health and wellness industry doesn’t talk about it much. If you can spike the metabolism naturally, you will find that losing weight becomes easy. In fact, there are some very interesting things that you can do to help this, and it doesn’t require you to starve, or to get on a restrictive diet plan that will leave you counting calories and feeling down all the time. Life is best lived with great food, friends, and without the restrictions that many of the celebrity and popular crash diets promote. If you can spike the metabolism, you could exchange fat cells for energy, and enjoy dropping weight fast.
The Leptin Discovery
Science and research from a variety of locales have determined that the body’s molecular structure needs high levels of leptin to burn fat naturally. This hormone often times shifts and diminishes, especially in women. Stress, bad diet, medial issues, and a lot more can start to wear on the body and hormonal shifts could cause body weight to increase. Not only does the body need this to move forward, it can be snuffed out if you go on a crash diet. That’s right, this fat fighting hormone can actually deplete if you’re not eating right and you’re exercising as well. This is why people stop losing weight after time, even though they are fighting hard to stick to their regimen. 
The Male Perspective Is Not Right For Women 
The Venus Factor changes the way you see dieting and exercise for a lifetime. It focuses on lifestyle change and is aimed specifically at targeting women. Women have changed throughout the evolutionary cycle and are more prone to metabolic shifts that can keep them from achieving the right weight over time. Even though this is starting to be regularly publicized, crash courses and celebrities still try to promote their own ideas for the masses. The reason why they don’t work in the long term is because they focus on the male perspective of things.
Men lose weight in a very different manner than women. The things that they do to gain lean muscle, drop fat, and work towards their own metabolic spikes do not work in women because they are biologically different. If a woman were to try and do the same things to lose weight, they would find that their bodies hit a wall, and the plateau starts to work in reverse after sometime, shifting the scale to gain weight instead of losing it. That is how the Venus Factor is different, it focuses on the biological chemistry that women have, in order to gain major weight loss, fast. 
The Venus Factor Reality 
This may all seem like marketing hype, but it’s not. Reviews are coming in from real women, and the results start fast. The reason why this is working is because it focuses on eating well, exercising in very specific patterns, and working on lifestyle changes that are not going to turn life upside down. Most diets require you to give up on everything you love and practically eat celery sticks and water. That’s why they don’t work. When you change the way you live, slowly mind you, the weight starts following off. 

In just 12 weeks, with a new change of plan, you could see 3 dress sizes gone, and be looking your best. The key is the carefully plotted system, menu, and options that you have. It is not about sacrifice, it’s about living life in a whole new manner. If you can enjoy your world of eating, and living, wouldn’t you smile more often? The Venus Factor is about living with joy, and it’s done through inviting new paths to eating, and focuses on metabolic rate increases, hormonal balance, and a return to what actually works, for women only. 
Women today don’t have to struggle with a man’s way of dieting and working out. There are strides that can change everything. Curb cravings, burn fat, gain energy, and rely on the body’s own mechanisms to rise up and take a stand, all with the help of a unique program that takes aim at the molecular level of homeostasis, and that’s what the Venus Factor does in such a unique way. It’s made for women, and it works for women only. Even skeptics will agree, men and women are different at the biological level, so to assume that they have to exercise and eat the same is just ludicrous. That’s why so many are starting to see major life changes with this route, and you can too.

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How To Burn Body Fat – Major Breakthrough

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