What Affects Metabolism?

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Your metabolic rate, or how fast or slow your metabolism works, is influenced by a number of factors:

1. Genetics.

Yes, metabolic rate is also inherited. Sometimes this makes an entire world of difference between a person who can eat almost everything and not gain an ounce and a person who easily balloons after indulging just once.

2. Age

The younger you are, the faster your metabolism is. Metabolism slows down as you age. Womens metabolic rate starts falling at the age of 30; for men, decline starts later at the age of 40.

3. Gender

Men have a faster metabolic rate – usually 10-15 percent faster – than women because their bodies have a larger muscle mass. Muscle plays a key role in fast metabolism, as will be discussed in the chapter on exercise.

4. Amount of lean body mass

As already mentioned above, more muscle = faster metabolism.

5. Diet

Some foods will help you, some will only harm you. While timing is not everything, when you eat also greatly affects your metabolism. The difference is discussed in the chapter on eating right.

6. Stress level

Stress is inversely proportional to metabolism. The more stress you are subjected to, the lower your metabolism. You will better understand this when we move on to the chapter about stress.

7. Hormones

Specific hormones metabolize specific nutrients. How well the hormones work, then, directly affects metabolism. To a certain extent, diet and stress levels affect the hormones involved in metabolism, as you will find out later. Hormonal disorders or imbalances can affect metabolism as well.

Looking at all these factors that influence metabolism, you now probably have a general idea of what you need to do to increase your metabolism – accept the things you cannot change, and work on those that you can! But before we get into the detailed program for firing up your metabolism, first, know whats in it for you! And find out the kind of resolve you need to achieve the level of metabolism you want.

So Why Should I Bother Trying To Fire Up My Metabolism?

Well, it’s not all about weight loss, though discussions on metabolism seem to focus almost exclusively on this concept. In fact, even if you feel that your weight is perfectly fine, you have a lot to gain by increasing your metabolism. Following a list of the benefits you stand to gain by applying the advice in this book:

1. Lose weight.

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. By increasing your metabolism, particularly your BMR, you will burn more calories just by doing the activities you usually do. Even while you lie in bed and stare at the ceiling or even while you are sleeping, your body is working to burn the calories you consume. With an increase in metabolism, you can actually shed one or two pounds a week. Best of all, the results are long-term, unlike a quick-fix diet! Now, isnt that more satisfying – and easier – than going on a fad diet?

2. Eat more without worrying about it.

Since you burn calories faster now, you can eat more without feeling guilty. This does not mean overindulging or snacking on junk food, though. But in general, you can be less concerned about the quantity of food you eat.

3. Feel more energised.

People with faster metabolism report having more energy. With a faster metabolism, your body is performing efficiently to release the energy you need to get going.

4. Look better.

The skin of people with a fast metabolism is brighter and more radiant. Their faces are pinkish, more alive with colour. With a faster metabolism, you will not only feel good but also look good!

5. Be healthier overall.

Your body functions more efficiently with a faster metabolism. Digestion, absorption of nutrients and blood circulation are improved. And you wont need as much sleep as you did before to feel refreshed the next day.

In sum, expect a faster metabolism to make you look and feel more wonderful!

By: Ben Pottinger

What Affects Metabolism?

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