Accountability Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

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Most who pursue weight loss feel as if the food they eat, the amount of exercise they perform, or the supplements they take are the controlling mechanism that determines whether or not they will be successful in their fat burning efforts, but there is an often neglected variable that is actually, for many, the most critical factor in achieving permanent weight loss results.

Because most who suffer from body fat issues also experience emotional eating temptations that fuel excess weight, having a structured, effective natural weight loss diet plan is not enough to ensure long term results, as remaining consistent with such a routine becomes difficult when strong desires for comfort foods begin to surface.

The key to thwarting such destructive desires is to have an accountability partner, someone who is aware of the lifestyle habits you are trying to embrace, is familiar with the emotional eating weaknesses you struggle with, and will not only receive regular feedback from you as to your progress, but who will be available to speak with during times where the desire for counterproductive food choices becomes strong.

The goal is to have an alternative ready when stress would normally compel poor emotional eating habits, because without such a mechanism in place, the chance is extremely high that the weight loss diet will be abandoned in exchange for a prolonged food binge. Afterwards, often dejection surfaces, which promotes a desire to continue poor eating habits indefinitely. Such a vicious cycle derails many from achieving their weight loss goals.

Finding a weight loss accountability partner is as easy as confiding in a close friend who has an active role in your life, a spouse, family member, or, if none of these are available to serve such a role, social media sites such as Facebook offer the opportunity to meet others who struggle with weight issues, and forming friendships with such individuals can provide one or more accountability partners who will be available to assist when proper eating becomes a struggle.

What many do not realize is that food can become to some what liquor is to an alcoholic, making new, healthy and effective eating habits a serious challenge. Although the first step is to find and follow a structured, properly designed natural weight loss diet plan, if emotional eating is an obstacle, the very next goal is to locate one or more lifestyle accountability partners who will serve to provide support and encouragement when counterproductive eating desires inevitably surface.

It’s important not only to have a weight loss accountability partner who can be contacted by phone or text message at most times of the day, but also someone who will check in to make sure all is well, with at least two regularly scheduled meetings per week where behavior is reviewed in detail. Knowing that someone is going to actively take a role in monitoring progress and will serve to deflect times when binges are likely provides the best possible opportunity to achieve the permanent necessary diet lifestyle change for a desired and lasting weight loss transformation.

By: Francesco castano

Accountability Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

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