Need To Lose Weight Rapidly?

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Try the Cabbage Soup Diet

What are you supposed to do as part of this diet? Unlike what a lot of us assume, it doesn’t just involve a week-long adventure of stuffing yourself with just cabbage soup . Even though that is the essential part of it, the routine combines it with various other healthful eatables. You will require a fair amount of will power and discipline through as it can still be considered quite restrictive as to what you can and can’t eat.

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So, the soup actually consists of the following ingredients. 2 Green Peppers, 6 Onions, a large can of tomatoes, 3 carrots, 1 bunch celery, about 10oz of mushrooms, 1 pack of onion soup mix and off course the all important vital ingredient, ½ a head of cabbage. These should be added to about 12 cups of water (or to an equivalent amount of water mixed with V8 juice). After the cabbage boils for a couple of hours, the slimming secret ingredient is ready to eat!

Since you have the soup, all you need to do is serve it daily, along with these suggested treats:

DAY 1 – FRUIT: You can consume liberal amounts of soup and fruit, but avoid bananas. Make sure to drink just water, cranberry juice and tea, without sugar added.

DAY 2 – Vegetables: Besides the soup, today you can indulge in any vegetables of your choice, provided you exclude dry beans, peas and corn. As a reward on Day 1, you may have a baked potato with some butter. No fruit allowed today and as for the drinks, stick to the options of yesterday.

DAY 3 – Fruit and vegetables: Although today doesn’t afford you any small excesses like yesterday, you can still have your fill of fruit and veggies allowed during the first two days. With so many options to add to it, don’t miss the soup, though!

DAY 4- Banana and skimmed milk: After ensuring you have the soup at some point, rip into around 8 bananas and 8 glasses of skimmed milk. You will be full of energy!

DAY 5- Beef and tomatoes: Today you are allowed 6 fresh tomatoes and around 10-20 ounces (300-500g) of beef. In case you are not fond of beef, have skinless chicken instead. Have around 6-8 glasses of water and don’t forget the soup too.

DAY 6- Vegetables and beef: Fancy a steak today? Apart from potatoes, eat as much vegetables and beef you feel like today. Remember to leave room for the soup too!

DAY 7- Finally, the end is near! Have your soup once again and combine it with as much brown rice and vegetables you feel like. Fruit juice without sugar is off the restrictions list today, so take advantage of it.

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Check out some information you’ll love to hear. You should be rid of 10 lbs by the end of the week, provided you’re consistent in abiding by the plan. The down side is that you must not continue it for a longer time, because it causes you to eliminate too much water, which will prove unhealthy. Try taking a good multi-vitamin tablet during the diet and ensure you drink lots of water. If going through it again is your only option, make sure you leave a fortnight at the very least in-between repetitions.

The many boons that come with this routine need no emphasizing. You shed a lot of pounds in a very short interval and it’s no rocket science. In fact, it provides you with a high content of fiber and nutritious elements from the fruit and vegetables, but you should ensure never to stick to it for longer than 7 days, as that can be harmful for you. The other beneficial thing is that you won’t really complain about being hungry. Soup can be had without restrictions throughout the week.

The drawback is that this routine has a very low calorie count, which is why it can’t be a long term answer. It is also susceptible of exposing you to higher risks of feebleness, feeling very tired, throbbing head and lack of focus. But then again, this diet only does last a few days and it does get the job done and you could be reaching for that little black dress 7 days from now!

I really hope you enjoyed this article. We also have a review of another great product that you might want to check out here: The Master Cleanse Diet Secrets Feedback.

Need To Lose Weight Rapidly?

Cabbage Soup Diet, Lose Weight Rapidly

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